Electric Power

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Quanta Services safely builds, maintains and provides comprehensive solutions for the infrastructure that delivers electricity, and all its conveniences, to neighborhoods and businesses. Utilities, electric cooperatives, municipal agencies and independent power producers choose Quanta because, as the industry leader for infrastructure solutions, its extensive knowledge, expansive resources and complete scope of services are unmatched. Electric power providers call on Quanta because the company has proven its value, even in the face of time constraints, inclement weather, challenging terrain and uncharted territory.

Transmission Construction

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Quanta Services specializes in designing, building and maintaining transmission systems of any configuration, length and voltage, in any region and through any terrain. Quanta has experience in systems from 69 kV to 765 kV, with all tower types and configuration.

Distribution Construction

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Quanta installs, repairs and maintains all parts of overhead and underground distribution systems. Services range from traditional line maintenance to technologically advanced solutions and services around the smart grid.

Substation Construction

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When it comes to substation construction companies, Quanta leads the way with unmatched capabilities, resources and turnkey engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services. We combine substation construction processes and advanced technologies with expert technical consulting to create time and cost efficiencies that translate into real value for your company.


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The electrical engineering companies that make up Quanta are uniquely qualified to offer an unmatched set of design and engineering services related to electric power distribution, transmission, construction and maintenance; technical consulting; and other power infrastructure services.

Energized Services

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Quanta uses proprietary processes and equipment to perform energized services that repair and rebuild transmission lines still in an energized state. Through the energized services provided by Quanta, we can deliver power to a region, while improving the reliability to the customers that need it most.

Expert teams use traditional energized methods augmented by our exclusive and patented LineMaster™ robotic arm, which helps create an even safer and more efficient work environment for electrical maintenance and power line repairs and upgrades.

As a result, we can maintain, upgrade and even rebuild virtually any power line or power facility efficiently, effectively and safely, while keeping the electricity flowing to customers.

  • Increases the utilization of existing transmission assets
  • Allows work to commence without having to schedule outages
  • Improves reliability and customer service
  • Provides upgrade relief to congested paths without adding to the congestion
  • Increases thermal capacity
  • Enables reuse of existing rights-of-way
  • Reduces matting and footprints in wetland areas
  • Reduces operational costs and delays from line switching and grounding
  • Enables emergency repairs to generators (including nuclear plant substations) without plant outages

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Foundation Construction

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Construction services are the core foundation on which we’ve built Quanta. As the largest, most experienced electric power contractor in North America, Quanta delivers a complete range of premier services for foundation construction including: micropiles and pile foundations, duct- bank installations, sub-grade grounding systems, heavy concrete foundations, compressor stations, electrical substations and transmission lines.

Emergency Response

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When disaster strikes electric power infrastructure, our nationwide army of highly trained emergency response teams and assessors are deployed to provide complete power restoration anywhere in the country. From early storm assessment to power line repair and everything in between, our expert and dedicated electric power emergency response teams will navigate any condition to get the manpower and materials needed to restore power on the scene.

Power Generation Services

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In addition to proven innovation and leadership in traditional power generation, we offer unmatched capabilities and expertise in renewable energy infrastructure.

Technical Services

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Quanta Services delivers deep technical consulting expertise to companies in the power infrastructure industry through its consulting branch, Quanta Technology. As the leading utility service company in North America, we routinely provide companies like yours with the management and technical help you need to deploy strategic solutions for improved business performance:

  • Visioning, strategic planning and capital budgeting
  • Transmission planning and engineering
  • Distribution planning and engineering
  • Enterprise process and technology integration
  • System operations and design
  • Power system automation and protection
  • Regulatory support
  • Sustainable energy resources planning and management
  • Professional development courses

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Pole Maintenance and Inspection

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We provide total pole solutions using advanced infrared tools and geographic information system (GIS) data. Combined with expert field inspection services, these innovative, state-of-the-art technologies give you the resources you need for complete system maintenance.

EPC Services

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Our turnkey EPC solutions combine technical consulting with innovative construction processes and leading-edge technologies. They’re delivered through a deep collaboration among our many electric infrastructure entities, resulting in a combination of expertise, manpower and equipment that yields a number of significant competitive advantages:

Helicopter Services

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Quanta provides expert helicopter-assisted services to aid electrical engineering, construction and maintenance projects that face distinct challenges — and enable your company to overcome some of the toughest obstacles in the electric power industry.

Inside Electrical

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Maintenance, installation and repair of a full range of electrical components are some of the many core competencies that have made Quanta the most trusted, full-service specialty contractor in the industry.

Comprehensive inside electrical maintenance services

  • Building control and automation systems
  • Retail, commercial and industrial facilities
  • Comprehensive, turnkey service
  • Unsurpassed expertise in installation, maintenance and repair

Field Maintenance and Testing

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Quanta specializes in a variety of power infrastructure services, from acceptance testing and field engineering to the maintenance, troubleshooting, repair and modifications of all elements in a power system.