Electrical Engineering Company and Design Services

Quanta Services is the premier provider of electrical engineering and design services for the entire electric power grid, including foundations, generation and power transmission and delivery.

Proven engineering expertise throughout the industry

  • Traditional power generation
  • Renewable power generation, including thermal, wind, solar and alternative fuels
  • Transmission systems and substations
  • Distribution systems
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Ductwork
  • Site preparation and civil work

Discover Quanta’s Electrical Engineering and Design Services Entities

A Specialized Electrical Engineering Company With Nationwide Coverage

As the largest transmission and distribution contractor in North America, Quanta delivers unmatched electrical engineering and design services to every corner of the nation’s electric infrastructure.

  1. Utilities
  2. Electric cooperatives
  3. Municipal agencies
  4. Government agencies
  5. Independent power producers

Rock-Solid Experience

Our expert team of professionals provides complete engineering and design services for your entire project. Quanta’s engineers have an average of 15 years experience in high voltage energy.

Veteran electrical engineers, comprehensive services

  • Conceptual design and economic evaluations
  • Feasibility and reliability studies
  • Preparation of specifications and bid documents
  • Evaluation of apparatus vendor bids
  • Problem solving and modifications to existing systems
  • Complete project design for construction

Built From the Most Respected and Established Electrical Engineering Companies

The electrical engineering companies that make up Quanta are uniquely qualified to offer an unmatched set of design and engineering services related to electric power distribution, transmission, construction and maintenance; technical consulting; and other power infrastructure services.

Unparalleled leadership and innovation across the engineering and design spectrum

  • Complete engineering services for turnkey projects
  • Substation and switchyard design
  • Plant electrical distribution design
  • Transmission line design
  • Electrical system studies
  • Foundation and structural design

Discover Quanta’s Electrical Engineering and Design Services Entities