Electric Power Emergency Response for Critical Infrastructure

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Following a major weather event, nothing is more important than getting power restored quickly, efficiently and safely. From ice storms to hurricanes to wildfires, nothing stands in the way of a fast and effective response from Quanta Services’ emergency response team.

When disaster strikes electric power infrastructure, our nationwide army of highly trained emergency response teams and assessors are deployed to provide complete power restoration anywhere in the country.

  1. Self-sufficient teams of expert first responders
  2. Boots on the ground within 24 hours or less
  3. From single crews to thousands of organized teams
  4. A fleet of more than 5,000 off-road vehicles that can access the toughest, most remote areas
  5. Comprehensive disaster repairs and post-storm cleanup

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Electric Power Emergency Response Planning

The first step in a crisis situation is response planning. In the event of an electric power emergency, Quanta’s storm assessors spring into action. They are the first to arrive on scene to quickly evaluate damage and identify necessary repairs.

  • Located throughout the United States
  • Available for activation 24/7/365
  • Proven crisis management and restoration experience

Deployment of First Response Crews, Vehicles and Equipment

Once storm assessors establish a recovery plan they manage the deployment of first-response crews, vehicles and equipment to tackle whatever problems there are, wherever they are.

From early storm assessment to power line repair and everything in between, our expert and dedicated electric power emergency response teams will navigate any condition to get the manpower and materials needed to restore power on the scene.

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