Energized Services

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Quanta uses proprietary processes and equipment to perform energized services that repair and rebuild transmission lines still in an energized state. Through the energized services provided by Quanta, we can deliver power to a region, while improving the reliability to the customers that need it most.

Expert teams use traditional energized methods augmented by our exclusive and patented LineMaster™ robotic arm, which helps create an even safer and more efficient work environment for electrical maintenance and power line repairs and upgrades.

As a result, we can maintain, upgrade and even rebuild virtually any power line or power facility efficiently, effectively and safely, while keeping the electricity flowing to customers.

  • Increases the utilization of existing transmission assets
  • Allows work to commence without having to schedule outages
  • Improves reliability and customer service
  • Provides upgrade relief to congested paths without adding to the congestion
  • Increases thermal capacity
  • Enables reuse of existing rights-of-way
  • Reduces matting and footprints in wetland areas
  • Reduces operational costs and delays from line switching and grounding
  • Enables emergency repairs to generators (including nuclear plant substations) without plant outages

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