Pole and Power Line Repair and Maintenance

For decades, Quanta has delivered unsurpassed, full-service pole and power line repair and maintenance services to utility companies throughout the nation’s electric power infrastructure.

We provide total pole solutions using advanced infrared tools and geographic information system (GIS) data. Combined with expert field inspection services, these innovative, state-of-the-art technologies give you the resources you need for complete system maintenance.

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Uninterrupted Power Line Repair and Maintenance With Energized Services

To help minimize interruptions during your power line repair and maintenance projects, Quanta crews employ proprietary energized services that enable work to be completed without disrupting the power supply.

Our exclusive and patented LineMaster robotic arm helps highly-trained personnel deliver uninterrupted power infrastructure services with an unparalleled level of efficiency and safety.

As a result, work can be performed without disrupting the flow of electricity to the homes and businesses that rely on it.

The Leading Specialty Contractor for the Power Infrastructure Industry

The collaborative partner companies that make up Quanta began supplying the electric infrastructure industry with leadership and innovation during the build out of the power grid in the 1930s and 1940s.

Since then, Quanta’s electric division has built an expertise and reputation that’s second to none and we’ve become the largest, most trusted specialty contractor in North America.

Now, electric companies throughout the industry turn to us for expertise, reliability and guidance as the premier provider of pole and power line repair and maintenance services.

Companies across the industry spectrum choose Quanta

  1. Utilities
  2. Electric cooperatives
  3. Municipal agencies
  4. Government agencies
  5. Independent power producers

Safety Is the Highest Priority

When it comes to the services we provide for the power generation, transmission and distribution industry, safety remains the highest priority.

Comprehensive training and diligent processes establish safety as the cornerstone of our approach on every project, which translates into an industry leading safety performance record that routinely exceeds national averages.

Quanta is an OSHA National Safety Partnership founding member.

Discover Quanta’s Pole Maintenance and Inspection Entities