Helicopter Services for Electrical Construction and Maintenance

Traditional electrical construction and maintenance projects may require special help to overcome severe conditions or meet tight deadlines.

Quanta provides expert helicopter-assisted services to aid electrical engineering, construction and maintenance projects that face distinct challenges — and enable your company to overcome some of the toughest obstacles in the electric power industry.

Ideal uses for helicopter-assisted services

  • Limited access due to harsh or remote terrain
  • Limited access due to environmental concerns
  • Aggressive project schedules
  • Emergency response in difficult weather conditions

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A History of Delivering Successful Helicopter-Assisted Projects

Quanta Services is the largest, most trusted specialty contractor in North America, with decades of proven success in every facet of construction and maintenance for electric generation, transmission and distribution.

As a result, we’re able to deliver comprehensive expert helicopter-assisted services to every corner of the nation’s electric infrastructure.

  1. Power generation
  2. Transmission and distribution
  3. Facilities, substations, foundations, lines and poles
  4. Emergency response for power restoration

Redefining Electrical Construction and Maintenance Services

We’ve built Quanta Services from the ground up to offer comprehensive engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services , resulting in an unmatched scale and scope of work unrivaled by any other single provider.

Because of our full-service capabilities and track record of exceeding customer expectations, electric companies throughout North America rely on Quanta for industry leading expertise in helicopter-assisted services:

  • Utilities
  • Electric cooperatives
  • Municipal agencies
  • Government agencies
  • Independent power producers

Discover Quanta’s Helicopter Services Entities