Pipeline/Oil and Gas

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Quanta Services safely provides a comprehensive scope of oil and natural gas infrastructure services including transportation, logistics and construction. Quanta is redefining the turnkey process by bringing full engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services plus specialized skills and unmatched resources to the pipeline lifecycle. Oil and gas companies in Houston and nationally, choose Quanta for its extensive knowledge, expansive resources and unmatched scope of services. As the industry leader for infrastructure solutions, Quanta has demonstrated its value to effectively manage time constraints and work in uncharted territory.

Pipeline Construction

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Quanta’s construction capabilities span any length or diameter. The company’s reputation as the premier cross-country pipeline contractor was built on its capability to manage and execute multiple spreads in the toughest terrain.  Through Quanta’s team of operating companies, all construction can be completed turnkey from mechanized welding to pigging.


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We offer a full range of engineering services that complement our construction capabilities, allowing us to be the total solution for our clients.  From junior engineers to senior technical experts, our team of professionals have experience in applicable process technologies, program management, conceptual and design engineering, construction management, commissioning and start-up.

Integrity Solutions

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Quanta Services – Oil & Gas Group is the recognized industry leader that continues to strive and meet the challenges of pipeline industry by providing optimum integrity solutions. We offer turnkey corrosion control and pipeline integrity services. Ensuring safe, reliable energy infrastructure has always been our focus. We work with operators to put Integrity Management Programs (IMP’s) into action. We work with customer’s specific needs to implement the smallest of goal-based or prescriptive programs, as well as the largest of turnkey projects.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

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Quanta is recognized as an industry leading contractor, providing horizontal directional drilling (HDD) solutions for some of the most unique and challenging projects in the world. Whether utilizing the intersect method, guiding the bore with gyroscopic technology or completing water-to-water crossings, the best the industry has to offer is on display for each and every project.

Facilities Construction

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As the industry leader in project management and construction, the company’s capabilities extend to metering and mainline valve stations, gas and oil separation facilities, gas compressor stations, pump stations, petrochemical plant facilities, electrical power generation plants, tanks and terminals and gathering facilities.

Pipe Transportation & Logistics Management

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SpreadBoss® is the innovative pipeline tracking system that redefined the industry standard for recording, organizing, storing and retrieving all data and documents associated with your pipe and components. With SpreadBoss®, your team can continually view data 24/7, in real-time, from any location — even as it is being collected.

EPC Services

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Quanta Services – Oil & Gas Group is redefining the turnkey process by bringing full engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services plus specialized skills and unmatched resources to the project process. Consulting services, combined with technology and construction, have proven to generate solutions for cost and time efficiencies that translate into value for Quanta.

Tank Construction

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Quanta Services – Oil & Gas Group is an industrial service contractor, specializing in API 650 new construction and 653 compliant repair of above ground storage tanks. We offer efficient, dependable and innovative solutions. Our goal is to provide a top quality product and service at a competitive price, while performing our work in a safe and efficient manner.


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Quanta has the largest custom trenching and mass rock excavating company in the world. We have devoted all of our efforts since 1974 into building a service to trench and remove rock faster than anyone else without the use of explosives. Our trenching and rock removing capabilities are powered by an extensive fleet and industry leading experience in cross-country pipeline, subdivision construction, wind farm electrical collection, urban distribution, foundations, underwater trenching, slurry wall trenching, and mass rock removal projects.