Specialty Services

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Quanta Services safely provides turnkey construction and maintenance for electric power, oil and gas and communication industry projects. In order to provide customers with this level of service we have operating units that focus on select specialties, such as providing helicopters, micropile foundations, pigging and LiDar.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

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Quanta installs AMI systems for electric, gas, or water utilities and data reception and management systems that make the information available to the service provider. Quanta has installed over 5 million meters.


Main Service Contact:
North Houston Pole Line

Emergency Restoration Services (ERS)

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Quanta is able to activate emergency response teams 24/7. The crisis response team has up to date information about team locations and available personnel. They will lead the organization of emergency assignments to commence with disaster repairs and/or post-storm clean up. Additionally, ERS is available to create an action plan with utilities to establish a path before disaster strikes.


Main Service Contact:

Brian Standish

Energized Services

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In order to upgrade or maintain the electric power infrastructure without interrupting power, our energized service offerings include pre-project planning, consulting & feasibility assessment, system upgrade or rebuild, system maintenance, substation & generation emergency outage mitigation, and design, management and construction of projects up to 765kV.


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Quanta Energized Services

Environmental Clearing

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In order to reach many of our projects, Quanta must first create access roads and right-of-ways. This process includes environmental clearing and vegetation management to allow for a clean approach that can be restored to the natural ecosystem upon project completion.


Main Service Contact:
B&N Clearing and Environmental

Foundation Construction and Maintenance

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Quanta provides engineering and construction for all foundation types commonly employed in energy infrastructure markets. We have the capabilities to install drilled shafts in excess of 14 feet wide and 100 feet deep, as well as low impact micropile foundations with capacities up to 50,000 kip/foot OTM.


Main Service Contacts:
Brent Woodward, Inc.
Brink Constructors, Inc.
Domino High Voltage Supply
J.W. Didado Electric Company
Nova Group
North Houston Pole Line
Phoenix Power Group
Probst Electric
Quanta Services Latin America
Quanta Subsurface
Ryan Company
Service Electric
Summit Line
Sumter Utilities
Underground Construction
Valard Construction

Gas Distribution

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Quanta provides EPC services for new/upgrades and replacement of gas distribution services. We have the capabilities to construct and service a gas main that leads to distribution pipes in rural areas and urban settings.


Main Service Contacts:
M.G. Dyess
Mears Group
Nova Group
Performance Energy Services
RMS Welding
Underground Construction

Geotechnical Investigation

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Geotechnical exploration rigs are able to obtain subsurface samples in challenging locations and ground conditions. This information is used to determine if a foundation site’s compressibility is strong enough to withstand the project weight.


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Helicopter Services

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Quanta provides helicopters for assisted services for traditional electric maintenance and construction. These services include emergency response, difficult terrain, environmental concerns and aggressive schedules. For operating units that use helicopter services, click on the electric power section.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

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Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) allows for a “no dig” option for electrical, telecommunication, water and natural gas lines. This option can be used for installation at lower depths that span a greater distance. By not trenching the surface-area, Quanta is lowering the environmental impact of the construction and creating a safer worksite as employees are not underground.

Mapping (Geotechnical Services)

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Underground mapping is surveying sub-surface environments to identify risks prior to drilling or excavating. It creates pinpoint accuracy for invasive investigation requirements and minimizes disruption risks for the public.

Permitting and Right of Way Services

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Project coordination, appraisal, acquisition and relocation

Beginning with the environmental studies

  • Person-to-Person Negotiations
  • Full & Partial Acquisitions
  • Permanent & Temporary Rights
  • Rights of Entry/Agreements for Possession & Use
  • Document Preparation & Processing
  • Title & Escrow Coordination
  • Condemnation Support Services

Technical Consulting

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Quanta offers expert-based technical consulting on a myriad of complex electric power projects for the power industry. Technical consulting allows for end-to-end solutions on complex projects. Our Applied R&D area uses technical experts in transmission, distribution, protection, automation, wide-area monitoring, protection and control, renewables, microgrids, energy storage systems, synchro-technology, probability-based risk management and other specialty areas as needed. Our team finds answers to the most challenging electric power projects. This is an incredibly specialized division that encompasses queries that have already been answered and queries that have yet to be asked.

Underground Electric

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Quanta offers EPC Services for electric power underground distribution and transmission services. Construction and maintenance is also offered on ancillary services and facilities, such as vault construction for cable splicing and manhole repair, rebuild and adjustments.