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Muskrat Falls to Churchill Falls Transmission Line

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Completion Date: June 2016

Location: Churchill Falls

Services Rendered by

Valard Construction

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Two Parallel 315kV Alternating Current (AC) Transmission Lines.

The project was 490.4 km in length from Muskrat Falls Hydroelectric Generating Facility to the electricity infrastructure at Churchill Falls.

  • 1,271 towers installed – including 1,001 guyed structures & 270 self-supporting structures.
  • 3,211,022 bolts were used to install 11,896 metric tons of steel.
  • Crews installed 2,081 foundations and 4,364 anchors.
  • The total length of conductor installed was 6,296.7 km.
  • There were 889 staff working on the project for a total of 1,155,452 labor hours.





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