Unique Operating Model

While operational leadership is decentralized, our corporate strategies unite us as one. This is why our succession planning favors hiring from within, promoting future leaders through our ranks. Quanta is a family. We are connected to offer solutions like no other company.

Owner-Led Management

Quanta runs its business with an owner’s mentality. Typically, our acquired companies continue to be led by their former owners, and former owners also lead Quanta at the highest executive level. This means we understand how the business works holistically and know how to motivate a decentralized organization toward common goals.

Harnessing Entrepreneurial Experience

An owner’s mentality also means Quanta is entrepreneurial and operationally driven. We are focused on cash flow, margin, and generating return on investment. We know how to adapt to market conditions, execute at a high level, and strategize for growth. The result is operational excellence, and an ability to adapt while safely getting the job done for our customers.

Decentralized Structure

Quanta empowers its leaders in the field to run their businesses their way, which allows us to harness their entrepreneurial spirit. Our coordinated oversight of regional customers brings more synergies to this model and builds teamwork and accountability across the organization, while still leaving operational authority where it works best.

Corporate Support & Governance

We complement our entrepreneurial, decentralized operating model with corporate support and governance. Governance to provide structure, scale and boundaries to leverage our combined operations with proper risk management.