Our Commitment to Safety

Our culture is a competitive advantage.

At Quanta, operating safely in everything we do is ingrained in our culture. We strive to complete every project without incident or injury because we believe it is our duty to do so. Quanta’s culture creates an atmosphere in which all employees have the opportunity and obligation to take ownership of their own safety and that of their coworkers. Our goal is a workforce that is safe, 24/7, both at work and at home.

Raising Industry Standards

Quanta actively invests in safety research and development to lead the industry. As part of this commitment, Quanta has adopted three pioneering initiatives: our automated external defibrillator (AED) program, our glove program and flame resistant (FR) personal protective equipment program.

Through our AED program, Quanta has purchased more than 5,600 devices, which have been deployed to every crew in the field and every office. This program has saved 17 lives. The glove program equips our Operating Units with Quanta’s own specially designed gloves that provide enhanced protection against hand injuries. The FR program provides fire resistant shirts to each Quanta employee who has the potential to be exposed to flames or electrical arcs.

We will continue to drive for higher safety standards and encourage others in the industry to adopt these measures.

We know that to reach our goal of “ZERO Incidents” we must actively drive safety initiatives and instill a safety culture from the top down. Quanta’s Commitment Coin is awarded to employees who go above and beyond, demonstrating the connection we all have as a family and the duty we all take on to protect our coworkers.

Safety Brings YOU Home.