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We are gaining momentum serving the dynamic communications industry.

Quanta reentered the U.S. communications infrastructure services market in 2017. In 2018 we added 13 new customers, which more than doubled our U.S. customer count and contributed to a 20% increase in overall communications infrastructure services backlog. Those achievements validate our focus on selecting the right projects and executing well for our customers. While our focus is to grow our operations organically, we opportunistically acquired two quality companies in 2018 to strategically bolster key regional markets.

Communications Long-Term Outlook

We continued to reestablish our U.S. operations and expand our presence in 2018. With a solid roster of new clients and strong backlog in place, we believe we have the momentum to grow our communications operations into a $1 billion annual revenue business in the medium-term. Our solid execution is allowing us to gain traction and more deeply collaborate with customers.

The communications industry is pushing fiber deeper into their networks and closer to the consumer. New 5G wireless technologies and services require significant fiber backhaul and dense cell site networks, which provide significant opportunity.

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Goals and Growth Strategy

To be a leading communications infrastructure solutions provider in the markets we serve.
$1 Billion Annual Revenues
+/– 10% Operating Income Margins

Primarily organic growth and greenfield expansion

Select strategic acquisitions may play a role, but not a roll-up approach


Leverage existing U.S. field operations, people, equipment and property


Provide wireline and wireless services – heavier on wireline

Increasing convergence of wireless and wireline due to fiber requirements of both


Project-centric, nimble approach versus MSA focused. EPC service to differentiate

Less capital intensive with better margin opportunity

Chart for Growing LNG Export

Source: Cisco VNI Global IP Traffic Forecast