Electric Power


“The Fort McMurray West Transmission Project is an example of what happens when companies work together as true partners, tackling a large job with many challenges, harsh weather conditions and a variety of needed services. Our incredible team, along with the indigenous communities, contributed to the success of the project. This is only one venture in an ongoing collaboration between ATCO and Quanta Services that will continue to provide world-class execution on infrastructure projects.”

Electric Power operations continued to excel from both a top line and margin perspective.

In 2018, Quanta’s Electric Power Infrastructure Services segment achieved double-digit revenue growth and increased margins. We continued to grow our base business and executed well on larger projects to build upon that base. We also made substantial progress on the Fort McMurray West 500 kV Transmission Project in Alberta, Canada – the largest single project in Quanta’s history.

Electric Power Long-Term Outlook

There is significant need to modernize North America’s electric power infrastructure, and continued investment growth is expected over the coming years. Our utility customers continue to deploy capital into multi-year electric transmission and distribution programs for grid modernization and reliability. They are accommodating a changing fuel generation mix towards natural gas and renewables, replacing aging infrastructure and strengthening systems for resiliency and to support long-term economic growth. These programs are multi-decade modernization initiatives intended to create robust and reliable delivery systems for the future.

Chart for Backlog
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Chart for Spending

Source: The C Three Group

Over the past twenty years, many utilities have evolved into advanced integrated utilities and their needs have changed. Quanta has evolved with them. No other company has the scope, scale and capabilities to deliver on the vast range of customer needs like we do.

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Deployed 5,500+ Team Members
for Emergency Response


In 2018, we deployed more than 5,500 line workers to support our customers’ power restoration efforts in the aftermath of several severe weather events throughout the United States and wildfires in California. This was in addition to the many workers we deployed throughout the year to help customers get the power back on after smaller weather events occurred that did not make the national news.

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