Training Initiatives

For many years, we believe Quanta has maintained the largest and most skilled craft workforce in our industry. Our training programs elevate Quanta’s workforce at all levels. Over the past five years, Quanta has incrementally invested more than $100 million to build the most advanced training facilities and curricula across the markets we serve. Our programs range from preparing the next generation of craft personnel as they come into the workforce, to training the field leadership who will be charged with managing Quanta projects and instilling a culture of safety.

Quanta trained more than 5,000 employees during 2018.

Quanta Advanced Training Center

The state-of-the-art Quanta Advanced Training Center is located at the Lazy Q Ranch in La Grange, Texas. On our 2,300-acre campus, employees receive hands-on instruction from master trainers in an environment modeled after real-world job sites, focusing on safety, skill development and certifications.


Northwest Lineman College

Acquired by Quanta in 2018, NLC is the leading educational and training institution for the electric power industry, instructing thousands of individuals every year. It is the largest organization that trains across the full lifespan of a line worker’s career, from pre-apprenticeship through experienced line workers. Quanta expanded NLC’s curricula in 2018 to include instruction related to our natural gas distribution and communications business lines.


Industry Partners

Quanta has multiple partnerships with unions and trade associations to bolster our training programs. Across these partnerships, we share best practices and new developments in education and training programming, with the goal of elevating competency and safety across our industry.


Sam Houston State University Partnership

In 2016, Quanta began a partnership with SHSU to establish a business relationship and workforce development program. In addition to classroom instruction, the program gives students hands-on experience at the Quanta Advanced Training Center and summer internship opportunities. This partnership helps students develop skills and gives Quanta access to potential future leaders.


Aviation Training

Quanta has created the electric industry’s only aviation training program that develops helicopter and aviation skills in a real-world work environment. This approach allows us to develop specialized skills for highly critical operations, so when our people arrive on a live project site, they do their jobs with utmost confidence and safety.