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Quanta Services – Australia

599 Doncaster Road, Doncaster, VIC. 3108 Australia


Quanta Services performs energy infrastructure construction throughout Australia with our operating entities Consolidated Power Projects, Enscope, Nacap and Quanta Power.

Quanta Services also has an Associate Company in the water sector through Mitchell Water.

These companies will compete for work in their own fields of expertise. When broader project opportunities arise the standalone operating units will combine their offering to provide a bundled solution as part of an integrated QSA team.

When this collaboration occurs we are unparalleled in our field. We provide in-house turnkey solutions through specialised leaders in each discipline. There is one point of contact. We create price certainty through sharing capital expenditure and a no margin-on-margin approach. With one parent we are all working to the same objective.

This model allows QSA to be a flexible and dynamic organization delivering the most straightforward, single-component installation to the most complex, multi-state projects.