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Bruce Power B18 LAN Upgrades at Tiverton, Ontario Plant

January 9, 2023

Bruce Power B18 LAN Upgrades at Tiverton, Ontario Plant

Valard, in conjunction with subcontractors, completed trenching, placing, and splicing and testing of fibre for LAN upgrades on site at the Bruce Power Nuclear plant in Tiverton, ON.

This was the first time that the Ontario team of the Valard Telecom Division had the opportunity to work for Bruce Power. The team was able to deliver the project within a tight demanding schedule, on time and on budget. We did this by being innovative and providing the customer with a design change that allowed the work to flow better. We were able to not only deliver in a more efficient manner, but overall provide a safer workplace. Bruce Power’s safety guidelines are very stringent and demanding; we were able to exceed their expectations.

The original design indicated that the fibre cable be direct buried. Due to the nature of the entire scope of work, we would have been required to have an open trench for multiple days. A simple change of providing duct allowed us to completely close the excavation every night. Even during work operations, we were able to minimize the amount of open trench. Not only did this installation ease the installation of the fibre, we were also able to properly seal the duct at the building entrance, eliminating water seepage that had been a long term issue at one of the locations. Throughout the entire project we were able to quickly adapt and overcome several issues. We were even able to leverage our relationship with our Power Division to overcome a few of the potential roadblocks we encountered.

Project Details

Completion Date: January 1, 2019

Location: Tiverton, Ontario