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Deerfoot Solar Project

July 13, 2023

Deerfoot Solar Project

Engineering, design, testing, and commissioning of the 37 MW Deerfoot solar project located just south of Calgary, Alberta. Valard successfully designed and constructed a solar farm on this land without the need to penetrate the ground by adopting use of innovative ballast foundation technique, allowing the project developer to reclaim 99 hectares of fertilized wasteland that was otherwise unusable.

The scope of the project included full EPC and installation of 100,000 PV modules onto ~9,000 concrete ballast foundations and 2,000+ fixed tile tables.

Project Owner: ATCO


37 MW

spanning 99 hectares of reclaimed land


front-line workers, including Ukranian refugees, Local Indigenous groups, and locally hired labor


PV modules installed onto ~9k concrete ballast foundations