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Quanta Rodeo Ambassador: Rhen Richard

June 5, 2024

Quanta Rodeo Ambassador: Rhen Richard

You can’t call yourself a team roper and think you’ll get anywhere alone.

As a team roper, when Rhen Richard enters the arena, he’s not chasing his own glory. There’s a job to be done, and his partner is depending on him to do it. If either of them slip up, they both lose the steer. When they succeed, they win together. The bond of a team is a bond of trust that overcomes failures and magnifies victories. We spend our lives at Quanta doing the things that others can’t or won’t so that people across North America can live in a modern world. It’s far from easy, but we do it for our families, communities, and each other.

Quanta’s rodeo ambassadors embody what we hold dear and know to be true: our success is built with hard work, outstanding character, and an enduring commitment to each other.