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An Intentional Commitment to an Equitable Future

Quanta Services believes in the value of a diversified supply chain, advancing the sustainability of small and diverse-owned businesses and contributing to the economic stability of communities. We are intentional about identifying contracting opportunities, educating our workforce and engaging with advocacy and community organizations to advance our commitment to an equitable future.


Programmatic approach to diversifying our supply chain and developing suppliers.


Leadership support and accountability factors. Policies and procedures to confirm inclusion. Advocacy support and engagement.


Identifying contracting opportunities while supporting supplier success in access to capital, industry development and sustainable growth.

Future Focused

Innovation, job creation and diversification within the industry. Community advancement and stabilization.

Supplier Engagement

In providing world-class service, contracting opportunities with small and diverse-owned businesses is becoming more of who we are, not just something we do.

Vector Force Supports Our Veterans

Vector Force is a Veteran-Owned company that trains veterans and provides a pathway for them to jumpstart their new careers within Quanta Services companies. Their program builds on the strong foundation of training and experience gained in the military. The transition to a new career can be a challenge and we are proud of what Vector is doing to serve our veterans. 

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Our approach to supplier diversity mirrors our commitment to Quanta excellence. We are investing in small and diverse business development, implementing strategies to increase contracting success, and intent on building long-term supplier relationships.

Moanica Caston

Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion
Quanta Services

Supplier Diversity & Development

Quanta commits to advancing a culture of inclusion and opportunity. We are intentional about exploring contracting options in support of the sustainability and growth of our small and diverse business partners. We promote education and engagement for employees and seek to elevate our impact in the local communities. Our goal is to inspire a future of equitable access and economic contributions to the global market.


Our Commitment

At Quanta, we want our suppliers and business partners to reflect the diversity of our communities and the customers we serve. Our diverse partners include small businesses, veteran-owned and service-disabled small businesses, minority business enterprises, women business enterprises, LGBTQ-owned business enterprises and disability-owned business enterprises.

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Safety drives EVERYTHING we do. Quanta and its Operating Units are committed to employees completing every work day safely and injury free.  This requires world class training and safety initiatives. We push ourselves to think differently and to move beyond what the industry standard requires. Throughout the Quanta companies, we hold ourselves to the Quanta standard, which mobilizes every resource to ensure the safety of our services.

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OUR EMPLOYEES We are a people industry. Our companies recruit, empower and retain the best employees in the business. We celebrate DIVERSITY of backgrounds and ideas, and we TRUST our employees to innovate with integrity. They are the heart of Quanta, so we EMPOWER them and seek ways to DEVELOP their future potential.

OUR CUSTOMERS We honor our word and commitments. Our relationships with our customers have the advantage of local ATTENTION to detail, along with the international RESOURCES and power of the Quanta Services family.

OUR SHAREHOLDERS We believe the geographic diversity, unique operating model and entrepreneurial mindset of Quanta and its operating companies are the foundation that will allow us to continue to generate long-term value for all stakeholders.

OUR COMMUNITY We are committed to the communities where we live and work and we embrace a culture where each of us – and our company as a whole – can make a significant impact. We search out and create long-term partnerships with nonprofit organizations that are truly making a difference. We remain committed to responsibly using the resources we have to make the world around us better.


We are focused on operating our business for the long-term and will continue to distinguish ourselves through safe execution and best-in-class leadership. We self-perform more than 85% of our work, providing cost certainty, safety and out-performance. We collaborate with our customers to provide them with innovative solutions. We strive for operational excellence and integrity by doing the right thing, the first time, every time, to ensure value and quality.

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The people at Quanta companies are here because they are the best in the industry, and we trust them to continue to blaze the trail for future generations. In our unique operating model, we encourage ideas, innovation and collaboration in order to elevate performance and shape the future.

Supplier Resources

Explore Quanta Companies

Quanta Services was founded by entrepreneurs driven to create solutions for a growing and changing industry. The scale and scope of Quanta Services allows us to better collaborate with our customers and provide them with relationship-based service and local attention to detail.

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Safety at Quanta

Quanta Services is committed to the health and safety of our employees, customers, contractors and the communities in which we work.

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Code of Conduct

We are committed to winning the right way. Our Code explains the conduct expected of each of us while we work.

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Supplier Diversity Partners

In an effort to advance our commitment, we partner with organizations that share our values and expand our potential.
We are excited about our collaborations with the organizations below.

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