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OSHA Partnership

The Electrical Transmission & Distribution Partnership is a formal collaboration of industry stakeholders, working together to improve safety for workers in the electric power industry. Quanta Services is a founding member of the partnership.

Our partnership with OSHA is one of only a few national collaborations between employers and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Today, the ET&D Partnership covers an estimated 80 percent of total workers in the electric line construction industry.

Partnership goals include the following:

  • Analyze accident and incident data to identify common causes for fatalities, injuries and illnesses suffered by linemen, apprentices and other appropriate job classifications.
  • Develop recommended Best Practices for each identified cause.
  • Develop implementation strategies for each Best Practice and promote these strategies among the partners.
  • Identify training criteria for foremen, general foremen, supervisors, linemen and apprentices, including training to create industry culture change to place value on safety and health.



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